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Une page qui vise à s'intéresser à si on peut faire de Mauvais graphismes…

Niveau synthèse

Equivalants terragen:

  • Blender
  • Pov-ray
  • Fleen (www), Fleen is a system for doing stuff with this geometry. ALSO, and probably more importantly, we provide a shape grammar and associated machinery for creating complex geometries within a nested (eg infinite detail) kisrhombille geometry.
  • Evolvotron (www). Evolvotron is an interactive “generative art” application for Linux to evolve images/textures/patterns/animations through an iterative process of random mutation and user-selection driven evolution.


GUI & Interfaces Geek



Paquet: textdraw

                                      * *
               _______________________ *
              |                       |
              | M   M PPPP L    Y   Y |
              | MM MM P  P L     Y Y  |
              | M M M PPPP L      Y   |
              | M   M P    L      Y   |
              | M   M P    L     Y    |
              | M   M P    L     Y    |
              | M   M P    LLLL Y     |
              |                       |

SF / Cyberpunk


  • http://www.vsxu.com/download, apparemment, un truc comme project-M, sauf que y'a un environnement de programmation graphique pour faire soi-même ses visualisations, sous licence GPL ; VSXu (VSX Ultra) is an OpenGL-based (hardware-accelerated), modular programming environment with its main purpose to visualize music and create real time graphic effects.



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