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james van der bicky

( poor lonesome music player)

A mewing clarinet, a boring violin, and tapes, and tape readers, and some other tapes.



Le prix du sachet de frites et autres histoires belges (The price of the Belgian fries, and other Belgian stories)

First EP, available since the end of 2013 for the numeric version, and january 2014 on tape. We can listen to it, and download it, and more, just right here.

and sometimes, I'm making music


A set of three musical mixes, around Iceland,avant l'islande.

Ficelle pot de yaourt - épisode 2 "Le chemin des écoliers"

Listen… And I've commited the music…

La nuit du genre - "Homosexualis radioscopus"

For the Nuit du genre, (17-18 may 2013) on radio grenouille, campus Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble, Orléans, Paris, Rennes, Toulouse, then on Campus Angers, Avignon, Besançon, Brest et Dijon - I had realized a short musical mix. Talking about male homosexuality. It's dancing. Dowload or listen to it there. It's called “homosexualis radioscopus”. We can also listen to it on mixcloud.


radio K7 (live tape mixtures)

les affiches de les concerts

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