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ISLANDE (a collective exhibition in progress)


When someone leaves Europa and settle down in Iceland, an other goes to see this someone, an others dream about this… And it makes pictures, sounds and drawings.


AVANT L'ISLANDE, "BEFORE ICELAND", a set of musical mixes

A set of 3 musical mixes (30 minutes each precisely), realized before Iceland. James van der bicky has chosen musics, and get them together… He also did the artwork, but with dirty fingers.

We can find it there, listen to it, look at the playlists and learn some stories (in French…)…

We can also find it on soundcloud

And to download it - let click here episode 1, there episode 2, and there episode 3 !

APRES L'ISLANDE, "AFTER ICELAND", a set of musical mixes, again

A set of 3 episodes again, produced by james van der bicky again, after Iceland, this time.

Here they are (or will be).

REYKJAVIK COUNTERPOINT - a delayed correspondence (postcards, graphic illustrations, and musical illustrations)

Work in (fucking) progress.

HEITT VATN, KALT VATN, a picture exhibition

Photographs by julie sevenseconds. The title means “hot water, cold water”…

Come into the exhibition, come

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